Paradox: Black and White

Last night I had the privilege of listening to a podcast called Hardcore History, by Dan Carlin. In the particular segment I listened to, he gave an in-depth history of the Assyrians, Medians, and the rise of the Persians in a preface to the famous battle of the Persians against the three hundred Spartan soldiers... Continue Reading →


I don’t often go on tangents, at least not publicly, but today something has hit me really hard. I’m going to try to keep this organized so I don’t go chasing rabbits all over the place, but here goes. Our world feels like it’s on the brink of a revolution. With so much division, hatred,... Continue Reading →

Inanna and Ebih pt 3

After taking a day to celebrate International Women's Day, here is the last piece of the poem, Inanna and Ebih. In it, Inanna receives An's answer and then reacts the only way Inanna knows how....I'm not going to spoil it, the conclusion is below!   Inanna and Ebih pt 3   An king of the... Continue Reading →

The Story of Enheduanna

I honor of International Women's Day, I am posting the story of Enheduanna instead of the third installment of her poem, Inanna and Ebih. While the priestess began her life with every comfort that a princess could expect, after her appointment as High Priestess she had to face many difficulties, struggles, and life-changing events that... Continue Reading →

Inanna and Ebih Pt 2

Here we go with part two of Inanna and Ebih! With tomorrow being Women Empowerment Day, I thought this was a fitting way to lead up to a full breakdown of Enheduanna's story and her struggle to take back what was stolen from her. I am inspired by what she accomplished so long ago, and... Continue Reading →

Inanna and Ebih Pt 1

In the poem, Inanna and Ebih written by the High Priestess Enheduanna, a story about how Inanna forces the mountain Ebih into submission. Inanna loses her support from the god An, so she must learn how to rely on herself to achieve her goal of forcing Ebih to bow to her power. Due to the... Continue Reading →

Paradox: Law and Chaos

We live in a world that is colored with the full spectrum of light, mingled with the darkness of violence and dissidence. After a major event of violence, we see the media and people on social media screaming for something to be done to turn our world back to the light. Calls for the masses... Continue Reading →

An Introduction

Welcome to my blog! Here is where I plan to discuss the philosophies of the Ancient World and compare and contrast them against our modern society. In all of the reading of History that I have done, I have noticed that the people suffered a lot of the same issues that we do today. Sometimes... Continue Reading →

Throughout the dawn of History…

Life is a journey that sets a myriad of paths before us. Throughout History, the direction we take dictates the direction of the world in which we live. Along the way, mistakes are made and we promise ourselves that we will never make them again; only to forget and repeat them over and over throughout the course of time. Action and inaction determines our influence upon society and teaches us the power of the masses, as well as the small voices screaming up at the sky. Here is where we can discuss that power and how we can draw upon the Ancient World to create our own History.

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