No More Silence!

As a sexual assault survivor, I'm tired of being silenced and I won't allow that to happen anymore. It's time to share my story and scream loudly that I will not tolerate rape culture. Our country is in a terrifying place and this is my way of fighting to fix that.

The Invisible One Pt. 2

It took a while after Part One was posted before I was able to write Part Two. It's extremely difficult to go back to the dark places where I once lived, so it takes me a while to get that courage back in order to do so. When I'm not actively thinking about these past experiences, I'm able to think of them as belonging to someone who no longer exists because I have grown past all of these things. Unfortunately, when I actually start writing them, I feel every ounce of pain and fear that I once felt as if I was still there. I know it's irrational, but when is Depression ever rational? At any rate, here is Part Two of what is turning into a very long story.

The Invisible One, Pt 1.

*Possible Trigger Warning*   This is my first post about my personal demons, and my heart is pounding frantically in my chest as I push the “Publish” button. Through all my blustering about how I want to share my struggle with the world in order to help remove the negative stigma surrounding mental illness, it... Continue Reading →

Opinions About 13 Reasons Why

I binge watched the new season of 13 Reasons Why on Friday and I have quite a few thoughts to share about it. First and foremost…   !!!!SPOILER ALERT!!!!   If you have not watched the show, and still intend to, do not read this blog!     Now that I have that out of... Continue Reading →

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