No More Silence!

As a sexual assault survivor, I'm tired of being silenced and I won't allow that to happen anymore. It's time to share my story and scream loudly that I will not tolerate rape culture. Our country is in a terrifying place and this is my way of fighting to fix that.

The Invisible One Pt. 2

It took a while after Part One was posted before I was able to write Part Two. It's extremely difficult to go back to the dark places where I once lived, so it takes me a while to get that courage back in order to do so. When I'm not actively thinking about these past experiences, I'm able to think of them as belonging to someone who no longer exists because I have grown past all of these things. Unfortunately, when I actually start writing them, I feel every ounce of pain and fear that I once felt as if I was still there. I know it's irrational, but when is Depression ever rational? At any rate, here is Part Two of what is turning into a very long story.

The Invisible One, Pt 1.

*Possible Trigger Warning*   This is my first post about my personal demons, and my heart is pounding frantically in my chest as I push the “Publish” button. Through all my blustering about how I want to share my struggle with the world in order to help remove the negative stigma surrounding mental illness, it... Continue Reading →

Naram-sin – God King of the Akkadian Empire

I have written a lot about Enheduanna and her life in my blog, but have written very little about her nephew, Naram-sin. He was considered to be one of the greatest kings in Sumerian history, and some would say his political and militaristic abilities even surpassed that of his grandfather, Sargon the Great. Naram-sin reigned... Continue Reading →

Opinions About 13 Reasons Why

I binge watched the new season of 13 Reasons Why on Friday and I have quite a few thoughts to share about it. First and foremost…   !!!!SPOILER ALERT!!!!   If you have not watched the show, and still intend to, do not read this blog!     Now that I have that out of... Continue Reading →

Hiatus + Sneak Peek

As some of you may know, April is Camp NaNoWriMo so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to force myself to start writing my novel about Enheduanna. Because of the intensity of writing so much throughout the week, it has left me with no mental energy to add to my blog. After NaNoWriMo... Continue Reading →

March For Our Lives

Yesterday we saw a Historical moment take place in cities all over the United States:  children, parents, police officers, teachers, celebrities, and politicians all banded together to voice our need for better gun control. In St. Augustine, Florida, a friend of mine was among them. Raquel and I met through online gaming more than a... Continue Reading →

World Poetry Day

Today is World Poetry Day! In honor of this, I am sharing a poem I wrote several years ago. It is a special poem to me as it paints a portrait of the relationship I have with my older sister whom I love very much. Unfortunately, our personalities just do not mix well so we... Continue Reading →

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